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Dave Sharp Worlds Quartet in DETROIT!  

Check out the D#WQ at the Music Hall Jazz Cafe, featuring original compositions and tunes from around the world with Mike List on percussion, Henrik Karapetyan on Violin, Igor Houwat on Oud and Dave Sharp on Bass.

Dave Sharp Worlds Trio at Kerrytown Courtyard Series July 24th 

The return of the Dave Sharp Worlds Trio to the Kerrytown Courtyard Summer Music Series. Come out on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy music in this relaxed outdoor setting. Excellent coffee and cuisine is immediately available in the Kerrytown neighborhood. DSWT features Igor Houwat on Oud, Carolyn Koebel on percussion and Dave Sharp on bass and synthesizer.

Three Worlds Trio in Detroit Jan 16, 2016 8pm 

On Saturday January 16, 2016 I will be playing with Elden Kelly and Gayelynn McKinney at the Music Hall Jazz Cafe in Detroit http://musichall.org/
Here's a video clip of us playing St.Thomas at the Kerrytown Courtyard Concert Series in September

In the Studio this week: Trio Dance Project 

This week I've been working on a new Dave Sharp Worlds Trio project with Sreyashi Dey, an amazing dancer who specializes in the classical Indian form of dance known as Odissi. We played live at Backseat Productions, and created a soundstage for a short video preview of our upcoming project. 

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Previous events


Solace Sessions #9: Reeds/Strings/Synths/Drums

 —  —

Light Box, 8641 Linwood St, Detroit, Michigan 48206, Detroit, MI

SOLACE SESSIONS presented by Detroit Bureau of Sound at Light Box at 8641 Linwood St, Detroit

On this troubled earth, the mind needs some time and space to decompress. What can art offer us? Can we obtain peace through a performance? Is there meaning in witnessing something beautiful? Can music offer us solace?

Bring what troubles you and leave it here. Dave Sharp Worlds Quartet (Ann Arbor) Dave Sharp, bass Mike List, percussion Henrik Karapetyan, violin Igor Houwat, oud a trio of improvisors Dave Shettler, synths Rafael Statin, reeds David Hurley, percussion $10 beverages on hand


Alex Anest Quartet

 —  —

Old Town, 122 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor

Jazz Quartet featuring Kenji Lee on Tenor Saxophone, Alex Anest on Guitar, Jesse Kramer on Drums and Dave Sharp on Double Bass


Dave Sharp Worlds Quartet

Old Town, 122 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor

This evening of "World Jazz" music will feature Dave Sharp on Electric BAss , Igor Houwat on Oud, Henrik Karapetyan on violin and Mike List on percussion.


Alex Anest Trio

 —  —

Old Town, 122 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor

Alex Anest Trio presenting original compositions and jazz standards with Jesse Kramer on drums and Dave Sharp on double bass.

SUMKALI live in Toledo,OH

Hindu Temple & Heritage Hall, 4336 King Rd., Sylvania, OH

Sumkali is a diverse music group made up of members from North and South India and the American Midwest. Through their diverse backgrounds they have been able to craft music with a global appeal that goes beyond just fusing genres together. In this unique and special evening, they will perform their unique blend of Hindustani, Carnatic, Jazz and Folk music followed by a set of devotional music where they will be joined by the Temple Musicians.

7-8 pm Sumkali performance 8-8:15 pm Break for refreshments 8:15-9 pm Kirtan with Sumkali and talented singers from the Hindu Temple of Toledo

$15 in advance (http://sumkali.com/events) $20 at the door Kids are free